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Tray Load Span Tables

Including the orginal tray used by TAC to introduce TAC TileTray 90 into the United Kingdom and Ireland, the ARVAL reference is 500.90HR,

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Structural Trays

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Hacierba Tray Range and  500.90HR (the orginal TACHaironville TileTray 90)

500.90 HR dwg (the orginal TACHaironville TileTray90)

Hacierba 500.90 Solid and 500.90 Perf

500.90 Tray dwg

Hacierba 600.100 Solid and 600.100 Perf

600.100 Tray dwg

Hacierba 600.130 Solid and 600.130 Perf

600.130 Tray dwg

Hacierba 600.160 Solid and 600.160 Perf

600.160 Tray dwg

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