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PGA Consultants

NB: PGA Consultants based in the U.K. have no connection with a business of a similar name based in Pouzolles FRANCE.   

PGA Consultants are an independent practice, providing the Architect, Main Contractor, Quantity Surveyor, Project Management Companies and the Roofing and Facade Specialists with:

Cutting edge Structural Engineering for Light Weight Steel Frames up to 11 stories in height, 3D and 2D CAD specialist design, for the building envelope. PGA work closely with approved installers to provide a Design, Supply and Installation solution.

Worldwide portfolio of iconic projects

Stressed skin diaphragm designs for roofing and wall

BIM, StruCAD, Tekla, Structural Design, Solidworks, etc Please enquire for further information 

Email: design@pga-consultants.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 7800 888 251

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Envelope Designs for Roofs and Fašades: Plans, Detail Design, Scheduling in 2D and 3D Globally
Suppliers of Software to Businesses and  Individuals 

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