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PGA promotors of ArcelorMittal Roofing and Walling products Introduces our Expanded Meal Range

Please download our brochure to see the wide variety of Mesh sizes we are able to manufacuter at competative rates.

We can also produce the mesh in a wide range of materials.

Because of the initiative of creative people, a material with an unbelievable variety of applications in the building industry, architecture, usable design and in industrial manufacture can be developed. .
The possibilities for applications are limitless when strength and ventailation are required i.e. exterior and also a luxurious material for the interior.

Expanded metal is possible to use as a light airy but also as a resistant and safety filling area almost everywhere.

Expanded metal can be used by architects,  designers.  We look forward to your ideas and suggestions; we are here to help you make it real.

It is a challenge for using – it’s design, flexibility and character. It is an original material, waiting for your idea!

Please click on links below to see/download brochure

Expaned Metal Brochure

Expaned Metal Facade Suggestions

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